We are the global network that supports entrepreneurs in realising access to water and sanitation for all

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Full steam ahead on SDG 6

We are a network of organisations joining hands to help entrepreneurs design and develop lasting water and sanitation businesses.

We do so by providing support and financing to promising entrepreneurial teams and endeavours.

Together, we contribute to realising access to water and sanitation for all (Sustainable Development Goal 6).

Research & development (R&D)

Our members support the development and transfer of impact-oriented, affordable solutions in the field of water and sanitation


Our members help design financing options and attract investments in new and existing social enterprises

Technical assistance

Our members offer practice-oriented expertise in founding and running water & sanitation enterprises

Policy & advocacy

Our members engage with political and economic leaders to create entrepreneurial ecosystems in water and sanitation

Our members

Scope of activities

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Despite being surrounded by water, nine million Filipinos lack access to safe water. This number significantly increases when natural disaster strikes. Fidel, 30, from the Philippines, is creating mobile and adaptable water purifying systems that can be used by communities both in case of disaster relief or for normal water supply. His social business, VIQUA Water Care Solutions, is currently running a pilot project. The aim is to set up a water kiosk capable of generating and distributing 5000 liters daily.

Fidel was selected by Young Water Solutions for their Young Water Fellowship program and as part of it is currently taking part in the cewas start-up training

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We will also present case studies and the latest research during our Water Entrepreneurship Day at #WWWeek2019. If you want to have a sneak peek, download the compilation of scientific presentations that have been chosen for our seminar.
Topics that will be explored include: Financing Experiences in WASH Bottom of Pyramids Markets, How Water Entrepreneurs Promote Economic Growth and Protect Ecosystems, Business innovation & entrepreneurship for the Sanitation Economy and Scaling Water and Sanitation Access through Loans to WSS Enterprises.

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